Ultra-Modern Facilities
 Secure, spotless factories, in multiple locations.

 Solutions Offered

  •  Multi-Process Integrated Systems
  •  Assembly/Test/Packaging Machines
  •  Standardized Automation Modules

 Technical Competencies

  • Robotic Manipulation
  • Crimping, Bending, Folding
  • Stripping
  • Winding
  • Potting, Gluing
  • Machine Vision, Inspection
  • Packaging
  • Electrical Test
  • Pick and Place
  • Laser/Ultrasonic/Resistance Welding
  • Stitching of Connector Pins
  • Multi-process Integration
  •  ...And more!

“You guys solved the issue over one night. Very impressive!”
          –Marius (Littelfuse, Lithuania)

“We were impressed by machines Harmontronics made from the beginning.  When we saw the management and systems behind them, we understood why they can make such fine machines.”
          –Helmut (Bosch)

“It is unbelievable that Harmontronics, with 300 people, has this advanced PLM system.”
          –Matt (Littelfuse, USA)

​​​​Precise Automation Systems for Small Electronic and Mechanical Assemblies

  • Portfolio includes: Siemens, Molex, Medtronic, Baxter Healthcare, Bosch... 

 +1 650-773-0596     walt@harmontronics.us

How did Harmontronics become a 60M+ enterprise in only eight years, attracting clients like Littelfuse, TDK and TE Connectivity?

  • Superior leadership, personnel and technology 
  • Unwavering focus on customer needs and dedication to premium product value.  

From first contact, expect a careful process that ensures satisfaction.  Once a good match is verified, we work with you to define a system that is the best possible value for your needs.  Make the call, and see for yourself.

  • ​On-time design, delivery and service
  • Stable high-speed performance
  • Cost effective system

Reliable Automated Manufacturing that is Readily Reconfigured and Economical to Own. We Specialize in Small, Precise Assemblies.  Call Now for Further Information.

For immediate attention, call 1-650-773-0596.

Expect careful attention and frank discussion about our ability to deliver value to you.  If there is a fit, we will quickly follow up with high-level meetings, site visits, etc. 

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​For immediate action: 

TEL: +1 (650) 773-0596
Harmontronics Automation Technology

EXAMPLE: PCB Pin Insertion

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  • ​Best possible ROI
  • Amazingly flexible reconfiguration options​
  • Economically optimized components 

Why Choose Harmontronics for Automation Solutions?


​We develop automation solutions for small (<20kg.), precise physical and electromechanical assemblies.  If you need a robust, flexible automation system, call now to discover why smart manufacturers worldwide choose Harmontronics, and why I am proud to be on this team.

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​​​​ Are You…

  • Searching for a supplier of automation systems for small (<10kg), precise, electronic or mechanical assemblies?
  • Fighting CGMP, ISO 9000, Mil-Spec, or TS 16949 manufacturing issues?
  • Struggling to increase output, profit and quality?

Let Harmontronics Lift the Burden.

A system for fabrication and test of washing machine valves